Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How Much Can Writing One Song Make?

One of the arguments against self-publishing, free ebooks and the lack of gatekeepers, is that supposedly the music business has been wiped out by the internet due to piracy and the fact that no one will pay for music anymore.  That's supposed to happen to ebooks sometime soon also.  It won't.

For starters, ebooks and music are very different.  Readers have shown a proven willingness to purchase ebooks at much hire prices than individual songs.  But that aside, the meme that the music business has been destroyed by the internet is simply false.

Is there still money to be made in music?  Yes.  Will people still pay for downloads?  Yes.  How much?  Hard to say for sure because the music industry is very secretive about how profitable it is, even as it continually complains that it's not making any money.  But one key example was just revealed.  In court filings it was shown that the song "Blurred Lines" made over $17 million IN PROFIT.  More than 5 million a piece for it's two writers.


Not bad, huh?  One song, 17 million in profit.  That's the incredible value of intellectual property.  And the internet is making it easier, not harder, to reach those kinds of numbers.

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