Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Yes, Amazon is my Friend: Part 2 1/2

Quick note about Amazon sales ranking because I find this stuff fascinating. I mentioned in an earlier post how a single .99 cent sale jumped my novel, Eve's Hungry, up from a ranking below a million into the under 200,000 category.  With no subsequent sales, it drifted back to the below a million.

Yesterday, someone in KU read a mere 18 pages of it, and it jumped up into the 500,000 rank.  For just 18 pages.  Many people seem to think a ranking below one million discourages people from buying.  I'm not really sure that is true.  But if it is, here again is proof that Amazon does everything it can to help the low selling book have a chance to get noticed.  THANKS AMAZON!

SHAMELESS PLUG: MacToons will be on sale for FREE tomorrow only.  Be sure to grab a copy.


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