Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Chapter of Eve's Hungry

I posted a new chapter to the Eve's Hungry blog.  It's pretty funny.  You can check it out here:

Episode Five: Bite of the Apple

I love Blogger because it's free and pretty simple to use, but there are all sorts of formatting issues.  Particularly when you write something in a separate word processor and then try to paste it into Blogger.  It seems like you can never get the fonts right.  I'm looking forward to finally putting the book together and being able to format it as a whole.

I'm using Electric Gutenberg mostly as a kind of diary about the creation of my first self-published book, hoping it will turn out to be a smash success and then people will wonder how I did it.  So in addition to writing the chapters, I'm doing a little bit of promotion as I go along.  Mostly including links to the Eve's Hungry blog in the comments section of articles that I feel are relevant to the subject.  For example, I recently posted a comment on this web-article by Joshua Rivera:

Let's Admit Google is an Evil Empire

Since Eve's Hungry is a futuristic story about how Google embraces evil, I figured there was some synergy in Rivera's piece.  So I put a little note in the comments section with a link: "Here's a really funny series of sci-fi stories set in the future after Google announces it fully embraces evil."  The hope was that people might click and enjoy the latest chapter of my book.

And it seemed to work.  Only a few dozen hits, but hey, free publicity.   I got 58 hits today and 35 yesterday, from zero a few days ago.  I have no idea if the hits will ever transfer into sales of my book some day, but I can hope.  At least it's a free way to get the word out and I can't see how it hurts.

Here's a screen capture of the traffic below:

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