Friday, January 17, 2014

The Digital Reader

I'm a huge Apple fanboy (as should be obvious from Eve's Hungry), so part of my daily routine is to check out the latest Apple news, either at MacDaily or AppleInsider.  That way I know what's cool, what's not, what's coming next in the world of Apple.

Now that I'm embarking on my journey into self-publishing, I'm trying to train myself to read up on the latest in that world.  I've looked at a lot of different sites and there's a ton of terrific information out there.  But the only site (at least so far) that I check out every day is:

The Digital Reader

It's run by Nate Hoffelder, and there are not only great daily links to articles but he writes really interesting and thoughtful commentary about the industry.  Particularly worth checking out are his regular "Morning Coffee" collections of links.  The site isn't focused only on self-publishing, rather it deals with all sorts of digital publishing issues including lots of tablet reviews.  But understanding what's going on in the larger area of digital publishing is pretty important to anyone hoping to self-publish, so I find just about everything he covers of at least partial interest.  And a lot of the info is must reading.  Be sure to check it out!

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